Welcome to Aviation Herald Online!! Our purpose here is to create forum for the free exchange of information with regard to the subject Aviation, Travel,Tourism, Cargo, Hospitality, and career. We hope to maintain these forums a living thing–changing with the needs of our users and with upgrades to programs used for sorting and disseminating information. We are always open to constructive criticism and comments. Please direct the comments to The Business Manager.

Aviation Herald: is a monthly news magazine reporting on and for the Indian Travel and Tourism industry. This magazine has a hot focus to streamline news and analysis relevant to this industry in a crisp format. The magazine combines a range of current news stands across each of the industry’s verticals, backed by analysis perspective.

Aviation Herald: features dedicated sections for trend and strategy analysis, as well as current industry facts and figures. The magazine’s content aims towards helping readers by providing single window of research that provided insights on the Travel Trade.

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