Tourism helps reduce unemployment in Spain

Tourism — By on July 23, 2013 at 4:28 pm

The continuous drop  in unemployment in Spain is being greatly attributed to  the  success  in  the  country’s  tourism  industry.  Unemployment  in  the  country  has  been  dropping  for  four  months in a row, despite the persistent  economic crisis the Eurozone has been  experiencing. Official  reports  by  the  government  indicate  that  the number  of  job  seekers  in  Spain  dropped  by  127,248. This number represents a 2.6  per cent fall and leaves the number of  unemployed  people  at  around  4.76  million,  reported. The  link  between  the  drop  in  unem- ployment and  the flourishing  tourism  industry  was  revealed  from  data  published  by  the  two  sectors  around  the  same  time.  The  reports  revealed  that in May, the tourism industry had  recorded  the  best  ever  performance  ever since it began its regular surveys.  The reports indicate that more than 5.8  million  foreign  tourists visited Spain  in  the month. This represents a seven per  cent  rise  from  the  same  month  last  year. Much of  the growth resulted from an  increase  in  tourist arrivals  from  the UK  and Germany standing at 9.3 per cent  and  13.2  per  cent,  respectively.  Tourists from these countries took the  advantage of cheap flights offered by  travel  operators  in  2013.  It was  also  clear  that  Spain’s  residents  preferred  cutting back and vacationing at home  as Domestic Tourism grew by 13.8 per  cent  in May.

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