Lufthansa managed the decline

Cargo — By on July 23, 2013 at 3:36 pm

FLEXIBLE  manipulation  of  its capacity has allowed Lufthansa Cargo  to arrest the decline in tonnage carried  in  the  second quarter of  this year. The company transported 0.8 per cent  less cargo and mail in June than in the  same month in 2012. There was a 3.5  per  cent  decline  for  the  first  half  of  2013 as a whole. Despite the challenging environment –  with weak demand and overcapacity in  important  airfreight  markets  –  the  carrier  has  succeeded  in  bucking  the  overall market trend by increasing the  capacity utilisation of  its aircraft  to a  high  level of 70 per cent. “This  has  been  made  possible  by  flexible,  demand-oriented  capacity  management,”  says a  statement. Karl Ulrich Garnadt, chief executive,  notes:  “There  are  clear  signs  of  the  weak  performance  of  the  global  economy  in  the  level of demand.

“The recent withdrawals of a number  of  cargo  airlines  from  the  market  demonstrate  the  degree  to which  the  airfreight  industry  is  struggling  with  this. “Our  strategy  of  securing  the  profit- ability  of  our  routes  through  high  capaci ty  ut i l isat ion  is  proving  successful  in  this environment.” Garnadt  says  there  will  be  further  investment  in  the  quality  of  the  freighter  network,  such  as  in  new  routes to the USA, South America and  China,  which  are  planned  for  the  winter  schedule. Lufthansa Cargo has already added the  Mexican city of Guadalajara, with two  weekly connections there since March  of  this  year,  and  the  airline  has  also  slightly  increased  its offering  in China.

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