IATA’s Initiative for GDS Distribution

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“IATA is working on new distribution standards to enable airline product differentiation. We will define the foundation
standard this year. And I am confident that the GDSs will join as partners because progress cannot wait.”
Excerpt from CEO Tony Tyler’s State of the Industry speech IATA 68th Annual General Meeting, Beijing

GDSs help airlines to sell 60% of their tickets. Four decades ago, when these systems were created, their cutting-edge technology expanded distribution horizons. But these operating systems date from the 1970s and, as a result, they haven’t been able to facilitate innovation to the same extent as other industries. That’s all about to change. IATA is working on a set of new standards, the New Distribution Capability. The objective is to help the industry move from its current ageing distribution model to a more modern customercentric retail approach. This more sophisticated form of distribution will enable XML standards and customer-friendly interfaces. Three of the four GDS companies have stated they welcome IATA’s initiative to improve and evolve the travel distribution system. The foundation standard for a New Distribution Capability will be unveiled at the IATA World Passenger Symposium scheduled for 16-18 Oct ,2012 at Abu Dhabi. . It’s the only conference where important decisions are being made for the future of the industry.

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