Belgium, France, Luxembourg , Netherlands, Spain …. even the Debt trapped Greece are having Monthly Payment.. Why then India need payments less than fortnightly?

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When Agents representatives in APJC-India take undue advantage, travel agents are being taken for a ride.

The facts reveals how the industry is being SOLD ?…..

Very recently mails from TAAI & TAFI are crisscrossing across India,trumpeting their “bumper Lottery “ stating that they had achieved 10 daypayment in India instead of weekly payment system eff 1st June 2012. Yes it istrue. They have done it and made it – by reducing our prevailing Commissionto 1 % added with Transaction Fee for one Year period.

TF initiated in 2008, suppressed through these years , suddenly appeared on19th April 2012. Subsequently , TAAI & TAFI were after Air India fordiscussions on the horse trading and ultimately on 8th May negotiated weeklysettlement with zero commission as a package and effectively endorsed on11th May through APJC . The Hitler’s historic proclamation at Berlin.TAAI at least had the courtesy to mention that Air India will impose 1%commission plus “Service Fee” against their support for 10 days payment,whereas TAFI very tactfully praised their marathon effort in establishing 10days payment cycle.

Look at 11th May 2012 – the Historic APJC India Meeting. APJC-India cansettle all matters , appealed to IATA and able to persuade PAConf to prepare aMAIL VOTE PAC3(Mail A218) Amendment to Remittance Cycleeffective 1 June 2012 for India to circulate on 16TH May 2012

If they can decide and fix 10 days payment in ONE DAY, look at the legendry stories on 818g , TAP , ADMs and very lately the good old Transaction Feethe by-products of “APJC-India” which can be either accepted or defeated .The TIME has proved the FACTS. When Airlines propose stringent preferredpolices…agents are more flexible with sponsorships and FAM trips.

Waa… ..!! Many times heard the legend…… “APJC only a dummybody”, “ fed up with this APJC….” “only unilateral decisions andnobody listen to agents “……….. Here, Champions are the beneficiaries-For lay men, it is only a facilitator to attend and enjoy the FAM trips andConventions. Jai Ho…

Res 818g facilitates three type of remittance and settlements – Monthly,Fortnightly or more than twice in a month. It is the APJC of each Country todecide which is more viable and conducive to the local market conditions .

European countries like Belgium, France, Luxembourg , Netherlands, Spain…etc and even the debt-trapped Greece have “monthly’ payment s . Oil richcountries like Jordan have fortnightly whereas all Gulf countries are blessedwith a voluntarily option to choose either fortnightly or weekly settlementsaccording to their volume of business.

Protectors turn annihilators …… Associations, eyeing selfish gains, connivewith Airlines to rob their own members unscrupulously. It is a do or diesituation. If Agents don’t respond, the fittest (or is it fattest, better) wouldsurvive otherwise

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