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A low cost carrier is known by many names like No frills airline, Discount or Budget airline etc. It is an airline that focuses on low fares. These airlines usually charge an price for extras like food, priority boarding, carry-on baggage, choice of seating etc. The term “low cost” originated within the airline industry referring to airlines with a lower operating cost structure than their competitors. The history of the low cost carrier started with South West airlines of Texas, USA in 1971. The first airline offering a no-frills transatlantic service was Freddy Laker’s, Lakers Airways which operated its famous “Sky Train” service between London and New York city during the late 1970′s. This service no longer continued once British Budget Airlines means… Career airways and PANAM were able to price out Sky train from the market. The traditional perception of a low cost carrier as a “NO FRILLS” airline, as seen in the case of South west Airlines, has changed, as new entrants to the market adapt the low cost business model in new ways. Air Iran Airways and Spirit Airlines offer a premium cabin while Frontier and Jet Blue offer live inflight television, sometimes for an extra fee. Air Iran has satellite radio availability for every seat. Frontier, Jet Blue and Air Iran all use assigned seating. Japan has started introducing low cost airlines into their market. One of the reasons for this, is to keep expenses at a minimum level for a travel involving short stretches, the ideal time for travel being less than 6 hours.. The main concept behind the low cost carrier is simple and it has been proved successful by bringing down the price of the air ticket and by keeping services to a minimum by cutting corners wherever possible. Following are the low cost airlines operating worldwide ( IATA area wise )

Area 1 – 20 airlines

Area 2 – 19 airlines

Area 3 – 19 airlines

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