Kerala High Court accepts MoCA plea

General — By on April 17, 2011 at 1:35 pm

At the request of Director of theMinistry of Civil Aviation Mrs.Shubha Thakur presented throughthe Asst Solicitor General of IndiaMr. P. Parameswaran Nair, Hon.High Court of Kerala has grantedtime till the reopening of Courts on23 May 2011 to file complianceaffidavit in the Contempt of Courtcase following Writ Petition # 16644of 2010.The Hon Court had previouslygiven ultimatum as of 1st April 11directing that the respondentsDGCA/MoCA implement thenational law mandating commissionto Travel Agents by Airlinesand to file appropriate compliancereport. It is learnt that therespondents did nothing at all in thedirection of implementing the lawon diffident Airlines exceptconvening a joint meeting of thepetitioners IAAI and the Airlines on18 March 2011. The meeting did notserve any purpose in prosecutingthe spirit of Judgment of the caseand it looks as if the Respondentsdid so only to bargain for more timein an attempt to drag on theprocess.Using the context of this meeting asa cover to seek more time from theHon Court MoCA presented thatthey had taken all earnest steps forthe compliance of the directionscontained in the judgment and thatthe matter has been placed beforethe Solicitor General of Indiathrough the Ministry of Law for hisopinion.Agents wonder of what relevance isthe Solicitor General’s opinion in acase, which the highest judicialauthority has ordered to beimplemented forthwith.MoCA asked for 2 months’ time fordisposal but the Hon Court directedthat the matter has to be presentedas soon as the Hon High Courtresumes office after the vacation onMay 23, 2011.

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