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Allow me draw your attention to the happenings in the Travel Industry, during the last couple of years particularly: “Zero Commission”, TAP, Service Tax, Disparity of Fares on internet and GDS, ADMs etc. Though many made a lot of noise, it is only IAAI, which has persevered and even today fighting valiantly for the welfare of the Travel Fraternity. Recent contempt of court is case in point to which shows how relentlessly the IAAI team pursuing the matter, to ensure that the Travel Agent gets his due from the Airlines. It is sad to note the lavish spending by others on matters that really do not benefit the ordinary agent, while IAAI team steaming ahead with grit and determination in spite of meager resources, often dipping into their own personal resources to make the ends meet, specially the expensive legal battle. It is also a matter of concern as to why the other Associations did not join in, in spite of repeated calls for a joint battle and why their enthusiasm evaporated like morning dew !! May I appeal through your esteemed column, to all the members of TRAVEL FRETERNITY, to strengthen the hands of IAAI, so that the interest of the Travel Agent is not jeopardized by unscrupulous elements – God willing!

Mohammed Abdul Aleem

Sri Sai Tejas Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd.


email: aaleem6@hotmail.com

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