Hotel employees demand service charges

Hospitality — By on August 16, 2010 at 2:15 pm

System of tips should make way for system of service charges

AH Correspondent Bangalore : The Hotel Employees Federation of India (HEFOI) urged the state governments in the country to introduce 10 per cent service charges on guests that could be utilised for their welfare. Joint convenor of HEFOI G R Shivashankar said the employees were paid meagre salaries by the hotels, including five stars, and were getting some extra income only in the form of tips.

There are other employees who don’t even get tip and introduction of Service Tax would solve the problem. “Waiters in five star hotels are earning income through tips to the extent of Rs 40,000 but others like house keepers, cleaners and cooks are denied of any extra income. “Even in five star hotels, these employees are being paid salaries as low as Rs 3,900″. “Introducing service charges would be of great help to them,” he said. Shivashankar said that the system of “tips” was arbitrary and was done as a favour and not as a right, robbing the worker the dignity of his labour. Mr. Shivashankar said that the living standards of hotel workers had gone up wherever the system of service charge was ushered in. State governments of Goa and Kerala had promised to sympathetically consider the HEFOI demand and other state governments should follow suit, he urged.

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