Etihad – Double Standards alleged

Travel — By on August 16, 2010 at 1:54 pm

Etihad offers special baggage allowance for Student Passengers for tickets purchased from them directly – Travel Agents protest While Travel Agents are permitted to offer 23 kg check-in baggage and 7 kg hand-carry baggage allowance to students, Etihad outlets are learnt to be offering 40 kg + 7 kg. Travel Agents allege the practice violates agency agreement and they question its admissibility on the basis of business ethics. “If there is an allowance for certain class of passengers, its application has to be equitable, airlines alone cannot take the advantage of it; the issue involves serious questions on competition and trust” said a travel spokesper- son.

Broadly speaking, “parity” in pricing among sales agencies is what ensures healthy business practices. A Sales Source that can safely offer unauthorized better price (or its equivalent such as discount, allowance, special code etc) on the same product is indication of oligopolistic and monopolistic tendencies. IATA regulations, Indian Aircraft Act & related regulations and Competition Act of India all go to ward off such tendencies on the express need to maintain a buoyant market. In the interest of Travel fraternity, Travel Agents Association (IAAI) is understood to have lodged objection with Etihad.

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