Airlines add new fees for previously free amenities

Travel — By on August 16, 2010 at 1:49 pm

Cleveland, US: Airlines are finding new ways to charge consumers for previously free services and amenities. Did you know some airlines are now charging if you want to pick your seat? Some airlines are now charging $5 or more for an aisle seat or emergency exit. Some are charging passengers if they need to board early. And of course, just about every airline charges baggage fees. Before you fly, you should ask if carry-on bags cost anything. Spirit airlines started charging $20 to $45 earlier this year.

This has lead to an $8 billion profit for the airlines – the first profit in ten years. And they’re not apologizing. “But here’s the key: if you don’t check a bag you’re not paying anything more, if you don’t eat on board an airplane you’re not paying anything more, if you don’t care where you sit you’re not paying anything more, you’re actually paying less,” says David Castelveter from the Air Transport Association. To see which airlines charge what fees, click on the web link provide.

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