UAE Government stipulates 7% Travel Agency commission

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ATTAC,( Association of Travel And Tourism Agencies Council), is the UAE’s largest association of travel agents with more than 250 members. It was formed in the year 2000 by a decree issued by H.E. Chairman of Civil Aviation Department of Abu Dhabi, and was made a part of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) in the year 2002. ATTAC guides and assists tour operators and travel agents in enhancing their professional capabilities so as to provide better travel services to the public. It submits recommendations to concerned authorities from time to time in order to support the development of the travel trade in line with international forms and practices.

Nasser, Chairman ,Association of Travel And Tourism Agencies Council (ATTAC),Abu Dhabi – UAE answers to the questions published in the Aviation Herald last issue.

1.We believe that relationship between IATA and the Travel Agents must be based in true sense of partnership. We all know that Travel Agents are highest point of sales on Airlines and such high volume of sales will be maintained.

Therefore, we, the Agents Associations have to keep very close contacts with both the Airlines and IATA in order to reach a base of understanding and business harmony between all parties which will be mutually beneficial.

2.In the UAE, a government decree has issued stipulating the policy of mark up of 7% on ticket sales fares including the taxes. All Airlines including the National carriers are abiding by such rule from sales outlets.

3.The steady growth in the aviation industry in the Gulf obliges all the players in the industry to establish flexible procedures and to encourage the atmosphere of close cooperation.

The regions’ governments are very supportive to all the major players in this industry, including the Travel Agents and the National Airlines.

4.The T/A’s Associations have a very important role to protect the Agents’ interests. Indeed, unity between associations both regional and international will have better and wider views on different practices implemented worldwide that will enable T/A’s associations to consolidate their efforts to protect the Agents. Within the above context , we do encourage strengthening the Travel Agents associations unity.

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