Dental tourism in India shows an upward trend

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Even amidst the on- going economic crisis, dental tourists are heading towards Asian countries for various dental treatments. India, which has been making news in the recent past as a medical tourism hub, still continues to attract a large number of dental tourists. So what is it that has sustained dental tourism?

The U.S is facing a dental crisis and only 50% of the population has dental insurance. Even those who have medical benefits are not always privileged for a dental coverage. This has encouraged patients to travel abroad for the care of their teeth.

In addition to zero or low dental insurance coverage, the cost of dental treatments are extremely high and this has given a strong reason for patients to opt for dental tourism. A patient who requires a root canal treatment for a front tooth would end up paying $350-$600 and the same treatment would cost anywhere between $800-41000 for a crown tooth. When you compare these prices with that of prices in India, the difference is overwhelming. The same procedures would cost around $35-125 in India.

Apart from spending just a fraction of the amount you would spend in the US, you get to holiday in exotic locales of the East. Also, dentists in India are highly qualified and experienced at their work. Dental tourists who have been treated in India are highly satisfied with the treatments they have received. Dental tourism in India sure gives a lot more than just great teeth indeed!

Though Thailand has revolutionized medical tourism, it is more into cosmetic surgery. India treats more serious health issues like cardiac, Neurological and orthopedic problems. India has been the reason for many remarkable milestones in medicine and continues to exceed treatment expectations in patients.

Another significant factor for India’s popularity as a medical tourism hub is that long waiting list that is very common in the US, UK and Canada. This problem is completely absent in India. Medical tourism showcases the potential of Indian healthcare sector to the world which dreaded India for the incidence of AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer, Malaria and diabetes.

There was an inflow of patients from neighboring countries and West Asia. Of late, there has been a significant rise in the number of patients form UK, US and Europe. Cheaper treatment is a huge attraction and, during recession, that’s a big fact. But other factors too have contributed for the growth of medical tourism in India. India clinical and paramedical talent is globally appreciated and with JCI accreditation to some hospitals, international standard is completely proven. Third party intervention through health tourism has also given a boost.

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