Key to success is on the size of our idea and not on the size of our budget

Editorial — By on June 10, 2010 at 10:59 am

What is the size of our IDEA today?

It was the habit that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us to action,
but it is the discipline that enable us to follow through.

It is discovered that too many people often create operating budgets to spend the amount of money available. Rather than focusing attention on ways to accomplish the desired outcome or goal, they create a document and a plan they hope or expect will win the approval of the public.

Often people take this approach due to a fear of failure,of not wanting to be too creative or to simply go with the easiest approach. The approach does not work in many business environments for some of the same reasons, or because some people honestly do not know the real cost of doing business and so continue to build on last year’s numbers.

Failure is a by-pass or detour, not a dead end. It is a delay, but not a defeat. Experience is the name we should give to our mistakes.

There are many potential reasons for people fail.

A lack of persistenc

A large number of people fail, not because they lack knowledge or talent but because they quit. A major secret of success lies in the word persistence. It means doing what needs to be done and recognizing at the same time to remain focused.

When problems seem overwhelming, giving up seems to be the easiest way out.

Winners stumble, but they do not stay down. Failing does not mean we are failures, but rather that we recognize the need to keep our focus when we hit the inevitable rough spot.

Lack of conviction

People who lack conviction take the middle of the road; and guess what happens in the middle of the road? You are run over. They conform in order to gain acceptance, even when they know that path is the wrong one.


Winners regularly analyze, but they seldom rationalize.Two of the saddest words in the English language are part of rationalization – “If only”

Not learning from past mistakes

Someone can be in the job for 25 or 35 years. If they are the kind of people who live and learn, they will prosper. If they do the same things for those 25 or 45 years, they will only survive. It is not easy to accept making mistakes, but perceptive people will learn from them and not repeat the same mistakes.

Lack of discipline

The word discipline is often misunderstood. It evolved from the word “disciple”, meaning believer. Anyone who has accomplished anything worthwhile has never done so without discipline. Discipline requires self-control, sacrifice,avoiding distractions and staying focused.


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