For every truth there is an eye some where to see it. For every truth there is a court somewhere to judge it. For every judgement there is an authority somewhere to implement it

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This is what has happened in India. Past 18months witnessed a long tireless hard work andthe strenuous all-round fight to regain what is lostto lakhs of families, who always looked up forthe small commission they received when soldthe air tickets, during the years behind. This remunerationfor the work done rather than the socalledbenefits was curtailed in 2008.

The long nationwide war fought on the lands ofHaryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madya Pradesh , Maharashtra,Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Karnataka,Tamilnadu and Kerala ,from where it wasengineered, lasted for 18 months. All not for fewpersons, but for the whole country. It was for thepresent and future travel fraternity.

The war waged began , led and gained by IATAAgents Association of India(IAAI) โ€“of the travelagents, by the agents and for the agents.

It was on the basis of Kerala High Court verdict, followed by a contempt of court move from IAAI,the Directorate General of Civil Aviation decidedto release an order to all airlines to pay commissionto travel agents on the tickets sold bythem. It is nothing but a paradise regained.

The brave men, living then and now , who struggledhere, have consecrated it, far above theirpoor power to add or detract. The travel worldwill little note, nor long remember what they sayhere, but it can never forget what they did here. Itis for the living travel fraternity, rather, to be dedicatedhere to the unfinished work which they whofought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It israther for the travel community of India to be dedicatedto the great task remaining before themfor the air travel industry.

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